This beautiful, dainty, faceted palmstone has beautiful threads of Gold Rutile that sparkle Gold + Rainbow.  This Crystal will bring a touch of old world glamour to any collection.  

Smoky Citrine w. Gold Rutile

  • Gold Rutile Quartz has powerful cleansing + purifying properties + signifies the alchemical transformation of base metal into Gold.  This stone illuminates the beauty in us all + facilitates the catalyst from which which the mundane becomes the spectacular.  


    Rutile Quartz is a graceful stone, with a powerful knowing when it comes to masked intentions + true purpose.  Like the memorisation of music, Rutile Quartz carries the inner song of the Divine.  

    It brings the kinetic surge to all it touches. Like most Quartz it is programmable, responding well to direction + has an uncanny knack for knowing whether one’s purpose + or intentions are pure.  



    Powered by the Sun + anchored by the Earth, Smoky Citrine warms, cleanses, grounds + invigorates.  With it's protective cloak, this stone makes a great tool for transmuting negative energy, heightening self-discipline + encouraging willpower.  

    Smoky Citrine moves those metaphorical mountains, moving you into a place of deeper expansion while attracting luck and prosperity.  This grounding talisman brings the favour of fortune + is makes a powerful third-dimension manifest.

  • 50 X 35mm


Wellington,  Aotearoa


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