A relatively new found, this Elestial carries the properties of Amethyst, Clear + Smoky Quartz. 

Smoky Amethyst Elestial

  • Elestial Quartz is the Crystal Kingdom’s transistor radio, perpetually tuned into Angel FM - a round the clock transmitter fetching + signalling from the Higher Realms.   

    Elestial Quartz is in constant receivership of full spectrum Light + as it receives it moderates, + adjusts to fit the specific needs of its Guardian.  Even experienced Healers cannot operate at an unbridled Energetic intensity for long + Elestial Quartz’s function is to preserve Energy systems + serve as a ally to all types of Vibrational Healing. 


    From the ground up Smoky Quartz is a stone of survival instincts + pure white light.  It links us to the highest realms of being, invokes our Spirit Guides + amplifies the truth of everything around it.  

    Powerfully grounding + full of pluck this crystal acts like the grandfather of the mineral kingdom, bringing with it the qualities of mental fortitude, endurance and true grit.


    This powerful stone is governed by the Wind element.  Amethyst is a stone for energy circulation, preventing stagnation + removing energetic blockages.   Fantastic for those wishing to banish substance addictions.  Used in Feng Sui to invigorate + protect the home.  All power starts with belief + through the Ages much credence has been bestowed into this Great Stone. 


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