A beautiful double-terminated freeform brimming with luminous Silver Rutile.  

Silver Rutile Quartz Freeform

  • Used to blend + enhance the Energies of other Crystals, White Ray Clear Quartz makes an invaluable asset to any Crystal + Mineral collection. It is a myriad crystal of infinite potential, able to align itself with all Chakras + Energy Centres, including the eighth or Soulstar Chakra. Deemed holographic storage devices, these Crystals have a long + lustrous signifigance with many Ancient Cultures, including that of Atlantis + the Lemurians. Clear Quartz signifies infinite Cosmic Energy, supreme Divine Wisdom + Spiritual Compassion.  It amplifies the power of intention, godspeeds all that aligns with it + is a powerful memorystone, capable of programming. 

    Silver Ray Rutile awakens the Feminine Divine, unlocking key attributes such as intuition, power, grace, surrender + patience. Its vibration is one of hunches + knowing. When working with this stone look for signs + trust in them, it is working hard to bring deeper truth to your reality. When meditating with Rutile Quartz, imagine your highest intentions or programmed intent moving through the threads like energy wire tripping through a circuit, as magnifying intention is indeed its superpower.  This joyful stone grounds Light energy at the cellular level, bringing illumination to the physical + Spiritual realm.



  • 85 x 50mm



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