This highly ornamental specimen takes a twist, exhibiting Silvery Apophyllite + gorgeous Peach Stilbite.   

Silver Apophyllite + Stilbite

  • Apophyllite is the forever-darling of the mineral world and her vibration is euphoric!  Apohyllite’s ability to bliss out your environment is phenomenal + her epic light vibrations will soothe anxiety, heighten intuition + envelop you with pure love.  A real angel stone, Apohyllite will not only give you a serious case of the glad-eyes but is also powerful tool for stimulating metaphysical abilities, keeping a skintight connection between your physical + spiritual self.


    Mordenite brings Peace in the midst of ongoing chaos.  It maintains harmony is a state of mind + in times of stress will assist in taking the bite out of your bark.  This stone works well in any domestic setting, balancing anima with animus + over coming power struggles amongst siblings + parents.   It pacifies over active children + brings stability to developing personalities.   Teen angst will benefit from the presence of this stone - a salve to over anxious temperaments + those who tend to over think the details.  

    Mordenite believes in the strength of friendship, the importance of home + brings precious abundance to those who dare to love unconditionally + are persistent in the daily duties of caring + providing for others.  A true harmony stone, Mordenite brings home the White Magic. 





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