This Crystal Trio can be used to enduce deep sleep + aid guided meditation.  Clears + awakens the upper Etheric Chakras + facilitates potent dream recall. 

Sweet Dreams - Scolecite, Selenite + Snow Quartz

  • Scolecite is a deep relaxation stone, that palpates the third eye + assimilates time travel.  For those who prefer a gentle touch + subtle acquaintance, Scolecite clears the channel between the crown + the soul star chakra.  Facilitating deep dreams + potent recall.  

    Selenite is a gifted Light Worker that god speeds access to the Third Eye, Crown + Soul Star Chakra.   When invigorating the upper Etheric Realm, Selenite provides a near unrivalled energetic intensity.  As it purifies the Auric Light Body we spiral closer to our loving spirit guides + energetic guardians.  Selenite strikes a beautiful balance between spiritual whimsy + the anchors that ground us in the physical realm.  Some say, Selenite will advance Human Evolution at a rate unknown before as its frequency attuned us to the higher levels of Self at a dizzying speed.  Selenite enables us to dance with the knowledge of our guides whilst remaining firmly planted in the physical plane. 

    White Ray Clear Quartz is a myriad crystal able to align itself with all Chakras + Energy Centres, including the eighth or soul star chakra.

    Deemed holographic storage devices, these Crystals have a long + lustrous signifigance with many Ancient Cultures, including that of Atlantis + the Lemurians.  

    Clear Quartz signifies infinite cosmic energy, supreme Divine wisdom + spiritual compassion. It amplifies the power of intention, godspeeds all that aligns with it + is a powerful memorystone, capable of programming. 

    Used to blend + enhance the Energies of other Crystals it is an invaluable asset to any Crystal + Mineral collection.  

    As Clear Quartz is indiscriminate to the Energy it absorbs, it needs to be cleansed + cleared frequently to stop the accumulation of psychic debris.


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