A richly pigmented Scarlet Lemurian ft. deep Akashics + an entire mountainrange of etched Pyramids. See the video for detailing.  

Scarlet Lemurian Record Keeper

  • Adjacent to the Silver + White Lemurians are the Scarlet, a distinctly pink or reddish toned Crystal, its colour is attributed to the presence of Iron Oxide. Crystallore states that `when a Star collapses due to its imploding Iron core, dust settles back down to Earth + in this instance is the coating of the coveted Scarlet Lemurian.

    They encapsulate the Knowledge of the ascended Wise people of Lemuria + when held in your receptive hand, they signal like a Universal transmitter.  Quartz is an amplifier, due to its piezoelectric qualities.  it stores, transmits + receives Pure Energy.   

    Record Keeper Quartz is characterised by either sunken, raised or in this case flush Pyramid Etchings. They are referred to as Lineage Stones + used to access Past Lives + activate cellular memory. 

    In regards to the presence of Akashic Lines, the Sanskrit word, Akasha, is derived from two ancient Tibetan words.  “Aka” means space, storage place, or repository, + “Sa” means hidden sky or æther.  In Hindu, Akasha means the Essence of All. 
    The Akashic Compendium refers to our metaphorical Soul library.   It is the Energetic ‘records’ of our purpose here in this lifetime + all lifetimes combined.  To acknowledge the existence of the Akashic Compendium is to affirm that the Universe possesses an Eternal memory.   Akin to our Conscious mind that stores every experience either in the temporal lobe or scattered throughout the subconscious, the Universe too,  has a commemorative repository that codes + stores EVERYTHING pertaining to the Past, Present + Future Cosmic Spiral.    Some say it may be the very field that underpins the Universe.


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