This new + exciting Brazilian discovery features the most dynamic attributes of it’s four founding minerals, synergistically combining to create a new cornerstone in Crystal history.

Samsara Stone - Peach Moonstone, Black Tourmaline, Smoky + Clear Quartz

  • For now I have named it S A M S A R A.  In a crystalvision it spoke to me about the passage of time + chronologically it is a Cyclic Stone.  It represents the anchorage of Life into Death, irrevocable + intertwined + guides the transmigration of souls through the new dawn after the body we once called home has ceased to be.

    The intuitive + soothing heart of Peach Moonstone provides a loving + gentle Energy + combines to forge an unforgettable union with deeply protective, flinty Black Tourmaline, grounded Grandfather Smoky + Crown amplifying Master Healer Clear Quartz. 

    For some it may come to be known as a Stone symbolic of the Maiden, the Mother + the Crone - a deeply fortifying, nurturing + protective Stone that resonates with the Root + the Crown, + as it guides one through this Lifetime it will continue to guard + make preparations as the Soul passes through metempsychosis + into the next.

  • 50mm



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