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This touchstone has ornate blossoms + a rich pink + red colouration.  

Flower Agate

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    • expression  
    • renewal  
    • self expansion  
    • calm






    A feminine Stone, Flower Agate is concerned with the flourishing of one's potential.  Its gentle, unfurling Energy has a coaxing, almost maternal effect on the senses.  It nudges one towards trusting their inner guidance + is ultimately a kind, abundant + happy Stone.


    The orbicular patterns on Flower Agate are reminiscent of seeds, + the floral swirls appear like blossoms, bringing the burgeoning Energy of Spring + the promise of Self renewal.   There is something entirely uplifting about Flower Agate.  Look to this Stone when you need a helping hand, she brings a gentle breeze from the four corners,  a hint of All is Well + whisper sweet promises when you need them the most.  

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