A gorgeous double-terminated wand or DT with a silvery rutilated sparkle that makes this Stone self-cleansing + just a little bit extra.  


Simultaneously drawing down + raising up focused intentions, 

the Double Terminate formation acts as a bridge between desired + actual states of mind + being.  It is a vital + powerful tool for directing Energy in an ‘as above + so below’ type application - a premise that states a direct + enduring correspondence between the Earthly World + the Universe.

It serves as a symbolic nod to inner + outer balance, the Macro + the Microcosm, the symmetrical mirroring of thought + form + the dual application of Magical Energies that are distinguishable + yet akin to yin + yan, are therefore ultimately inseparable.  


Silver Rutilated Rose Quartz

  • Rose Quartz is the cornerstone of Crystal Magic. The healing heart

    of Rose Quartz knows no bounds, nor is it fixed in time. It says love

    thy butterfly, thy scar, your neighbour, the trees, children, bad words +

    the sea. It says love your hurts + what has made you, those who took

    from you even when you gave + those who gave even when it seemed

    they had nothing to give. Love everything that ever was + all that is

    yet to be. Love them equally because they come from the same

    source as you.

    Rose Quartz equalises the emotional deprivation + love starvation. It

    penetrates the inner chambers of the Heart + heals at a cellular level.

    Rose Quartz's vibration is that of the soul sighing - a deep + latent

    heartsong that reverberates throughout all of time.

    Rose Quartz makes the perfect ‘gift’ for children, elderly + strangers,

    as the mere act of ‘giving’ sends energetic appreciation reverberating

    through the Universe. For those who reside at either end of the lifetime

    continuum, Rose Quartz is a deeply soothing, compassionate

    stone + opens the heart to a Love Miracle, time + time again.


    Rose Quartz teaches that Love comes from within + transmits the power of Forgiveness.   It also carries the precious potential for learning from our trauma.  

    Our 4th Energy Centre is a conduit between our Earthly incarnation + the Divine.  It serves as a direct link to Source + with proper preparation + conscious application even the most traumatised individual can open to it.  

    It is within the inner chambers of the Heart Chakra that emotional experiences are recorded + stored.   Over time this ‘negative’ patterning disrupts the flow of Energy,  allowing for irregularities + imbalances to occur.  

    It is a lifetime of accumulated burdens + traumatic patterning that suppress the Heart’s innate ability to give + receive.  

    Rose Quartz encourages us to think of Love as a very particular frequency, one which by design the Heart naturally transmits + receives.   

    Rose Quartz shares the vibration of a perfectly balanced Heart Chakra + akin to Clear Quartz holds this vibration in a constant + stable way.  

    As we come into contact with this precious Stone, its very essence starts a Love revolution.  


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