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With rosey pigmentation + a mosiac effect patina when held to the light, this touchstone makes for a delighful handful.  

Rose Calcite

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    • sensory awareness
    • motivation
    • clarity
    • invigorating











    Red Calcite is a born motivator. It helps rewrite no longer needed aspects of your his or her-story by expediting the energy needed to get-up-and-go! Particularly useful for the clearance of old, stagnant energy patterns, Red Calcite helps you to shift perception + is a powerful enabler of breaking old, unwanted habits.


    Red Calcite is the chariot between one's physical + spiritual existence.  A conscious, 'now' stone, that gently energises + reactivates the base chakra gifting to those who enlist it's subtle energies sustained vitality. This nourishing stone can be used in preparation for childbirth + during to keep an expectant mother mentally focused + physically primed throughout labour. Red Calcite is a willing stone, ready to experience life in its rich complexities yet it also provides us with the ability, if we so desire, to be alone with our senses.  


    Outdoor meditation is recommended with Red Calcite, as this stone vibrates to the Earth consciousness.

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