Red + Silver Rutile Quartz

  • Red Rutile brings power to those who seek it.  Buzzing with Energy + the willingness to receive, this stone alleviates stress + brings a sense of purpose to those who enlist its help.  A positive stone that symbolises the physical essence of life, it revitalises the Root Chakra + resonates with the Fire Elementals bringing a warm boosts of motivation.


    Rutile Quartz is a graceful stone, with a powerful knowing when it comes to masked intentions + true purpose.  Like the memorisation of music, Rutile Quartz carries the inner song of the Divine.  It brings the kinetic surge to all it touches.  Likemost Quartz it is programmable, responding well to direction + has an uncanny knack for knowing whether one’s purpose + or intentions are pure.


  • 45 x 30mm


Wellington,  Aotearoa


Phone: 022 0821064

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