Rare Amphibole Quartz Generator

  • A rare stone, these are found in remote Brazil + consist of white,

    yellow + reddish inclusions that often resemble the feather like

    surface of a fabled Angel wing. They are the stone of awakened

    Divinity. Akin to the Buddhist concept of the mind unfurling like

    the thousand-petaled Lotus, Amphibole Quartz puts us in direct

    contact with our Angel guides.

    Adept at facilitating spiritual flourishes in both the Crown + the

    Third Eye, Amphibole Quartz is a powerful ally in dream work,

    especially lucid navigation, + enhances the conscious dream state,

    enabling one to negotiate within the cosmic realm + fully realise the

    notion of ‘One’.

    Angel Wing Quartz is a fabulous stone for the end of the day, to

    unwind + leave your troubles at the door, a state that we all crave +

    one that is entirely achievable with the help of this Crystal.

    Whatever room you bring this stone into will become your sanctuary,

    your refuge + your sacred space. Be mindful of this as you enter your

    home at the end of the day, drawing energy from this stone as you

    approach. You will not be disappointed with its ability to envelop you

    in its Angelic grasp.

  • 60 x 35mm


Wellington,  Aotearoa


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