This smooth +  vibrantly patterned Palmstone makes for a lovely display piece. 

Poppy Jasper Worrystone

  • Poppy Jasper is a burgeoning Heartstone,  bringing restored energy + renewed vitality to its Guardian.  


    This mineral conjures a wellspring of deep, inner resourcefulness + when we feel disheartened, discouraged + put down, Poppy Jasper is the hand that pulls us up again.   It is a smile from a complete stranger, a random act of kindness + that little voice that reminds us that whilst we can’t do everything, we can do something!   It is the small parts that pull together + the power of persistence.  


    Poppy Jasper is three parts Strength, two parts Confidence + five parts Courage.  A perfect Leo stone, its magic is that of the Cowardly Lion, who stands in his own newly discovered Virtue. 

  • 50 x 40mm


Wellington,  Aotearoa


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