The prismatic, pyramid-shaped tips of pointed Apophyllite symbolise the mutualising of Self into Soul.  They are activators for the Soul Star Chakra + are gentle facilitators of Spiritual initiation.  

This statement piece is high vibe + high shine, a stunning + most unforgettable specimen.  

Pointed Apophyllite + Blue Chalcedony

  • Apophyllite is the forever-darling of the mineral world + her vibration is euphoric!  Apophyllite’s ability to bliss out your environment is phenomenal + her epic light vibrations will soothe anxiety, heighten intuition + envelop you with pure love.  A real angel stone, Apopthyllite will not only give you a serious case of the glad-eye but is a powerful tool for stimulating metaphysical abilities, keeping a skintight connection between your physical + Spiritual self.


    Blue Chalcedony brings the power of tropospherics - the lowest atmospheric realm.  Imagine your Auric field cleansed + invigorated by cool Mountain air or touched by a pristine Spring Frost, this is Blue Chalcedony’s gift to you.   Need a little weathermagic? This stone is your rainyday antidote. Crystallore states these frosted chunks of cloud matrix were used by the Tempestarii to manipulate weather patterns + predict atmospherics.  


    A energetically benevolent + generous stone,  Blue Chalcedony has a deep equilibrium + is very effective at calming emotional outbursts + dissolving panic + anxiety.  Blue Chalcedony repairs the Energy field + dissolves the blockages that trigger exacerbated emotional episodes.


    Like all Blue stones, Blue Chalcedony resonates with the Third Eye + the Throat Chakra enabling one to speak their Highest Truth.  In addition it is soothing for throat complaints + assists with infection.  Acceptant to new ideas + muse to inspiration itself,  Blue Chalcedony is a thought transmitter + fosters telepathic abilities. 




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