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A luminous Tantric Twin Lemurian featuring incredible clarity + rainbows within.   The tantric twin is characterised by two terminations that inhabit the same crystal body.  


The Pink tantric lends itself nicely to intimate or romantic relationships + is particularly concentrated on eliminating power struggles + egotistical vices that may be causing friction.  

Pink Tantric Twin Seed Lemurian

    • inspiration
    • confidence
    • creativity
    • love





    The Pink Lemurian is a deeply loving Stone that is further amplified by the Tantric Twin aspect.  If a piece is calling you, welcome it with gratitude, this will ensure you forge a strong heart bond with the Lemurian consciousness.

    When first handling Lemurian it is not unusual to be overcome with emotion.  Lemurian Crystals are extremely effective at dissolving blockages in the meridians + this can be followed by a brief period of intense 'feeling'.   Allow yourself permission to move through your emotions + remember to ground afterwards.  


    When working with Lemurian Quartz, expect moments of epihany. Visions will come steadily through heightened awareness + enhanced dreamscapes. 


    Cleanse + clear your Lemurian often + treat it as a Honoured Being. 


    The pink colouration of this crystal is caused by a light bonding of Hematite.  Hematite is an extremely protective mineral that combines with the etheric energies of this important stone by grounding pure energy deep into the base chakra . 


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