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A perfect bedside or favourite chair companion.  Gentle Lepidolite + grounding Smoky Quartz for winding down at the end of the day or a general relaxation tool.   

Pink Tourmaline + Lilac Lepidolite

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    • healing from emotional trauma
    • purification
    • inner child work
    • compassion
    • demonstrative love








    Pink Tormaline's Magic heals the lost child within.  She's a skilled time traveller, who can wind the clock back to childhood + hold your hand through the hurts you endured.  Pink Tourmaline understands that unless healed, the betrayals endured in your formative years have the ability to repeat throughout a lifetime.   She is part great mother, part loving friend + is adept at healing auric discrepancies caused from abuse.  

    Pink Tourmaline longs to render the heart as 'whole' + it succeeds in its ability to disperse old emotional hurts that have 'stunted' our ability to love + be loved in return.   With our renewed faith + purpose in loving relationships, Pink Tourmaline also acts as an aphrodisiac, facilitating loving + reciprocal physical exchange.


    Lepidolite or pull-you-back-from-the-brink stone weaves a deeper understanding + teaches that there is no true suffering or

    disadvantage, only perspective. 


    Its message is this : accept transience, the inevitable + the irrevocable.  Know that change exists in everything + that this is not a cause for resistance but an opportunity to be still + receive. 



    Lepidolite is a Stone of balance + relief + brings a deep Zen to those who hold this stone.  It  dissolves stress, tempers grief + releases other traumatic emotional frequencies. For panic or anxiety sufferers, Lepidolite offers an incredible amount of relief.   It is a medically proven ‘mood’ stabiliser + can quell anger, stabilise hyperactivity + induced a deep relaxation facilitated toward a restful sleep.

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