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Gorgeous pink Rutile + green Lodolite details. 

Pink Rutile + Lodolite

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    • earth awareness
    • synergy
    • assimilation



    Deeply attuned to the Earth's heartbeat, Lodolite connects us with the nature realm, the plant kingdom + the pantheon of green spirits that dwell throughout. For those suffering from excessive, ungrounded energy, Lodolite will enable you to 'plant' unharnessed emotion into the Earth so that it is safely assimilated + blended with the Earth's kinetic plethora. Meditating with Lodolite raises Earth awareness + brings us closer to understanding the Earth's soul as intertwined, symbiotic + inseparable from our own.


    Lodolite's medicine is a conscious one. It says : the Earth's vitality is your life force + your energetic dynamo is the zest of the Earth. Just as you received your mother's loving arms, her mother's way withwords + your father's optimistic eye you inherit the mountains, the rivers + the trees. Lodolite reminds us that we did not just inherit the Earth, we are the Earth.

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