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Polished Pink Opal with a bubbalicious detail.  Such a fun piece.  

Pink Opal

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    • release  
    • cleansing  
    • self expansion  
    • transmutation




    With Pink Opal comes gentle illumination + release. The process of light-shed upon the heart is like watching a shimmering body of water engaged in a light dance. There is warmth, there is movement, there is reflection. 


    During times of emotional duress, the heartspace can become cluttered - you might experience periods of feeling ‘stuck’ or indecisive. You might feel physically ‘blocked’ or heaviness in the thorax as if an unseen weight bears down upon you.  Pink Opal brings a featherlite touch + gives you that much needed permission to release.  


    If you feel the need to cry - cry! Pink Opal is an elemental water stone + will help you to disperse your emotions with grace.  


    Pink Opal is like an open window for the Heart - the air rushes in + suddenly you can breathe again.

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