This touchstone features a transparent scalloped patina, brought to life with powderpink opacity. 

Pink Mangano Calcite

  • It is the Heart's electromagnetic field that effortlessly connects us to ALL THAT IS.  Appreciation of this equilibrium is what facilitates what we perceive as miracles or what I like to call abundant + spontaneous manifestations of desire.   

    When this frequency becomes disrupted, the heart becomes a fear generator - it constricts + life on all levels becomes scarce.   Happiness becomes a commodity, money is tight + joy is ever elusive + love is replaced with exploitation, fear of failure. 

    Forever tripping ourselves up in doubt + inconsistency, our connection to the source becomes remote + at times severed.  


    Mangano Calcite stabilises the Heart field.  It defers hysteria, + is an important stone for coping with sudden loss + overwhelming grief.  It releases fear + toxic emotions that seize the heart, for these are the excesses that result in anxiety + panic disorders.  Mangano Calcite gently restores the heart to a state of infinite abundance in which it is eternally able to receive + respond without the trappings of fear based emotion. 


Wellington,  Aotearoa


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