Pink Huelandite + Apophyllite Geode

  • Apophyllite is the forever-darling of the mineral world + her vibration is euphoric!  Apophyllite’s ability to bliss out your environment is phenomenal + her epic light vibrations will soothe anxiety, heighten intuition + envelop you with pure love.  A real angel stone, Apophyllite will not only give you a serious case of the glad-eyes, but is also powerful tool for stimulating metaphysical abilities, keeping a skintight connection between your physical + spiritual self. 

    Blue Apophyllite resonates with the Crown + the Third Eye + is a stone that fosters telepathic communication.  

    There is a seraphic sweetness to all Apophyllite but with Blue there is an added intensity + sensitivity to psychic matters. 


    As a cherished member of the Zeolite clan, this beneficent little beauty gives with both hands.  Huelandite is one of Mother Gaia’s indispensable allies, relentlessly relieving her of toxins + assisting not only in Earth’s innate healing response but of all those who tread upon her.

    A treasured memorykeeper, Huelandite is a channel stone, capable of accessing the Akashic compendium via inter dimensional portals, meditation + dreamscapes. 

    Huelandite sings the songs of lives gone by + has excellent lyric recall in the event you need to go back + tweak a few lines.  It is capable of releasing the unwanted karma collective - a notion that states ones actions in this realm will impact on that in another, therefore it is a very useful stone for invoking past lives, breaking destructive behavioural patterns + prevents you coming back to repeat them. 


  • 60 x 70mm


Wellington,  Aotearoa


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