Pink Halite

  • A precious Heartstone, Halite resonates to the highest evolution of the Heart Chakra frequency.  We typically associate the Green Ray with the 4th Chakra but as it ascends a delightful Pink Ray emerges into which all Pink Stones resonate.   

    A Clean slate Stone, Pink Halite releases toxicity, alleviates melancholy + assist in the transition of seasonal affective disorders.  

    Halite can be used in place of a salt lamp to cleanse the home of negative accumulation.  Efficient at purifying + balancing the Chakras, Halite brings a  stability to the emotional field + is extremely beneficial for balancing the nervous system.   

    * Composed of sodium chloride, Halite, is rock salt + forms in a salt basins like Utah’s Great Salt Lake  or the Dead Sea.   Halite is a sedimentary mineral that reveals itself when sea water evaporates in barren climates.   Typically white or colorless, Halite will sometimes have pink or reddish hue.

    * Caution, never cleanse in Water as like salt, Halite will dissolve.


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