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A stunning piece with breathtaking luminosity.  Just magical. 

Pink Fire Azeztulite

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    • illuminating
    • self-expression
    • insight





    A luminous stone, Pink Fire Azezulite is akin to Hematoid Quartz but the characteristic phantom banding + high-vibe colour intensity is what sets it apart + characterises this rarer type of pink Quartz.  

    Centuries ago, the Hindu rishis told of Agni - a light that would enter the body bringing enlightenment + ecstasy.  Present in all living things, Agni is a spiritual fire that resides in all matter.   The fire of divine love is what fuels passion. It is an activator of the liquid crystal body matrix - spontaneous healing, intuition + strength of purpose all arise when one frequently meditates with this stone. 

    The high Heart is a typically dormant energetic centre located above the 4th Chakra + known as the bodily throne of the Divine Self.   It is the seat of inner wisdom + of truth.   The intense energy that dwells here can be accessed + amplified by meditating with this crystal. Hold it to your heart, feel its warmth. As it penetrates at a cellular level the warmth will spread. 

    Pink Fire Azeztulite is an intense crystal with a zest for life. There is no withholding from this stone, it teaches that to give love is to support life + that all life is of value.

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