Peach Stilbite vv. Huelandite Matrix

  • A stone of love, Stilbite is the sweet talker, the peacemaker + muse to thesandman.  There is an emotional vulnerability that resonates with Stilbite - it says even after all the hurt + the heart break, I will not throw up walls.  It is the stone of the Poet who sits queitly with his emotion.  It is capable of finding beauty in sorrow + expands the sense of self beyond the physical boundary, into the auric field, 'til it merges with the blissful, celestial realm.   Stilbite works best when adored, kept close + smothered with gratitude.




    Huelandite sings the songs of lives gone by + has excellent lyric recall in the event you need to go back + tweak a few lines.  It is capable of releasing the unwanted karma collective - a notion that states ones actions in this realm will impact on that in another therefore it is a very useful stone for invoking past lives, breaking destructive behavioural patterns + prevents you coming back to repeat them.  

    As a cherished member of the Zeolite clan, this beneficent little beauty gives with both hands.  Huelandite is one of Mother Gaia’s indispensable allies, relentlessly relieving her of toxins + assisting not only in Earth’s innate healing response but of all those who tread upon her.

    A treasured memorykeeper, Huelandite is a channel stone, capable of accessing the akashic compendium via inter dimensional portals, meditation + dreamscapes.



    A Zeolite is what happens when several Crystals gather together on the Matrix.   Among others, these include, Apopthyllite, Stilbite, Phillipsite, Okenite, Natrolite + Huelandite.   These formations have an implicit synergy, where several energetic imprints combine for added vibratory effect.

    Zeolite is nothing short of an environmental miracle stone, with the bulk of what is unearthed used in Agricultural + Horticultural endeavours as its ability to absorb toxins, heavy metals + even nuclear waste.   Introduced into your immediate environment they filter the air + can be used to make elixir, to release toxins from the physical body.  The Zeolite family are excellent Reiki stones due to their ability to fine tune + assimilate Energy.  Adept Energy transmitters, Zeolite’s family are excellent stone choices for cellular + dimensional work.   They can also be very beneficial in purging entities + in promoting Earth healing.

    They enhance your innate healing response + provide complimentary energy support.   

    Their ability to absolve toxins from the body, including alcohol + drugs make Zeolites excellent physical, emotional, + mental support stones during addiction withdrawals + can be used to counteract the side effects of chemotherapy. 


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