This gorgeous slab has intense lustre + large cubic Apophyllite.   Makes for an impressive display + even the Matrix has colourful detailing + aesthetic appeal.  A very beautiful piece. 

Peach Stilbite + Clear Apophyllite


    Apophyllite is the forever-darling of the mineral world and her vibration is euphoric! Apohyllite’s ability to bliss out your environment is phenomenal + her epic light vibrations will soothe anxiety, heighten intuition + envelop you with pure love. A real angel stone, Apohyllite will not only give you a serious case of the glad-eyes but is also powerful tool for stimulating metaphysical abilities, keeping a skintight connection between your physical + spiritual self. Beloved Stilbite, the stone of flight + safe passage. Stilbite means to shine + be seen. It believes in happy ever after + nudges us to remember the initial spell of love - even on the darkest day. A potion for sweet dreams + sweethearts, Stilbite brings love magick to the four corners, dissolving poison + toxicity in the actual + the metaphorical


  • 130 x 50H x 110mm


Wellington,  Aotearoa


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