This juicy raw Pink Calcite is Pyramid shaped + makes for a beautiful display piece + an indispensable healing Stone.  Absolutely perfect for the bedroom + bathroom for a healing night's sleep + all beauty rituals.  

Peach Calcite

  • Transparent Pink Calcite is the stone clemency. Able to provoke the action of Self forgiveness, Pink Calcite dissolves energetic scar tissue, blockages melt away + flowers crop where Earth once lay barren.

    Known as the Healer’s soft touch, Peach Calcite is perhaps the gentlest of the Calcite family.  All Calcites have an adept + multi faceted healing repertoire but Peach, which combines the aspects of both Red + Orange Calcite may be useful to most, if not all physical ailments.  

    Peach Calcite is the charmer of the Mineral Kingdom.  It is at ease in any social environment + assists in overcoming extreme shyness + social phobias.   It is symbolic of purity, youth, external beauty + has a boosting effect on immunity.  

    Stimulated by the Fire Elementals, Peach Calcite has a refreshing effect on all the Energy centres but particularly those of the Root, Sacral + Solar Plexus.  



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