Chlorite Quartz, coveted for its ability to ground, heal + soothe.  Highly collectable due to the unique colours + patterned display that is expressed by each Chlorite deposit.  

Rainbow Chlorite Quartz

  • During interruptions to the Quartz growth cycle, layers of Chlorite are deposited + as the Quartz resumes, deposits become locked inside + come to resemble coveted Chlorite Phantoms.  


    Deeply attuned with the Earth, there is a serendipity to their connection + a depth to Chlorite’s knowing.  Any Earth Healing work will be aided by the presence of this stone.  

    Encapsulated within is her pure Earth energy + through Meditation one can connect with the Earth’s Soul + raise Earth Consciousness.  


    Chlorite’s energy supports both cell function + regeneration + realigns the Chakras allowing optimum Soul energy to flow through the body.  

    Working with Chlorite Quartz aligns our electromagnetic field with that of the Earth’s 

  • 65 x 35mm


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