This magical duo will make a powerful + balanced addition to your working collection. 


The double terminate formation is used to bridge gaps in the Energy field + exemplify the give + take nature of our existence. They are wonderful for simultaneously grounding + releasing excess or unwanted energy. 

Double Terminate Quartz is a powerful amplifier, signifying balance in the energy spectrum.  They are extremely capable at dual chakra recalibration + are particularly useful for crystal grid work.


Steeped in Mythology, the Sphere or Crystal Ball is a coveted divination tool, used to access the time portal + peer into the continuum. Once used in lithomancy + crystallomancy by alchemists + ceremonial magicians, the present day practitioner implores them to reveal our inner wisdom + the myriad realm of personal potential.

They provide a multi-faceted energetic boost into the Environment + provide indispensable stress relief + make aesthetically pleasing display pieces.  


Pale Smoky Citrine Wand + Sphere

  • Powered by the Sun + anchored by the Earth, Smoky Citrine warms, cleanses, grounds + invigorates.  With it's protective cloak, this stone makes a great tool for transmuting negative energy, heightening self-discipline + encouraging willpower.  

    Smoky Citrine moves those metaphorical mountains, moving you into a place of deeper expansion while attracting luck and prosperity.  This grounding talisman brings the favour of fortune + is a powerful third-dimension manifestator.



    Known as  a type of ‘philosopher’s stone’, Smoky Citrine is a crystalline catalyst in the alchemical transformation of the human soul.  

    Capable of elevating this vital ‘soul’ energy, the heart’s desire are activated to their highest intentions + the focus becomes ‘tuning in’ on the frequencies of the Upper Chakras.   Energetic signatures become refined with the use of this stone + as it seeks to purify + cleanse the physical + astral bodies.  The Root, Third + Crown Chakras are energized, imbibed by the flow of the Universal Life Force.  Deleterious + detrimental energies are extradited from the Energy field + akin to Smoky Quartz, there is a strong shielding from other’s negativity.  Smoky Citrine allows others to ‘be in your space’ without impacting on the Auric field.


  • Wand : 110 x 25-15mm

    Sphere : 50mm


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