This pale Blue Mexican Calcite has a lovely angled, almost cubic formation + is a powerful remedial stone.   Polished Calcite palmstones make perfect tools for smooth, hands-on healing.  Blue Calcite is a heavy duty cleanser + energy amplifier.   The purifying energy of Calcite removes 'stored' negative energy from the body + the environment.  

Pale Blue Calcite

  • A stone of truth, clarity + optimism, this deep soother alleviates pain in the physical + emotional body.  

    Blue calcite has a cocoon like effect on one's auric field, insulating from excessive physical stimuli + is a powerful screen stone for safeguarding against psychic attack + the residual accumulation of negative thought patterns, especially that of others. 


    Blue Calcite is an inspiration stone, superb for heightened inner vision.  

    It stimulates the throat chakra, especially when used as a channel for the creative arts.  Singers + musicians will benefit greatly from carrying + meditating with this stone as it strengthens the voice + gently removes creative blocks.

  • 100 x 75mm


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