This cubic slab of semi-transparent Optical Calcite has a sorbet pink colouration + a dusting of rainbows.  

Optical Peach Calcite

  • Like all Calcite’s, Pink Optical is a powerful amplifier + cleanser of energy.

    It accents + facilities emotional growth + brings about subtle shifts in outlook, bringing gentle insights through relaxed means.

    Imagine a facial spritz of Rosewater + you have some idea of the subtle refreshment that pink Calcite brings to its guardian. There is nothing hurried or contrived about this stone. It brings a newly tilted lens, in this case, this readjustment or change of perspective is in regards renewed or freshly cultivated self-acceptance.


    Pink optical calcite restores a sense of self-worth + paves the road to all forms of Love. Pink Optical Calcite envelopes you like a symbolic love cradle, a true heart stone that alleviates emotional stress + encourages calmness + serenity.Able to provoke the action of Self forgiveness,  Pink Calcite dissolves energetic scar tissue, blockages melt away + flowers crop where Earth once lay barren.

  • 45 x 35H x 45mm


Wellington,  Aotearoa


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