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This is from a new + limited Brazilian find, featuring opalised Chalcedony + Quartz.  Each piece is stunningly unique. 

Opalised Dendritic Chalcedony + White Quartz

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    • renewal  
    • co ordination    
    • etherics  







    Although this Stone is considered a ‘fireless’ form of Opal, it stores its immense energy neatly within its unassuming form.  When programmed accordingly,  Opalised Chalcedony streams a consistent flow of life enhancing Energy, whereby Chi is invigorated + Spirit enlivened.   


    A Stone of co-ordination + dexterity,  Opalised Chalcedony directly affects the Etheric body - the biomagnetic sheath that surrounds our physical form + can be observed as a field of Light. 


    It gently harmonises the Etheric body with the physical, fine-tuning how the two interact + ultimately contributing to a stronger + more refined connection.  

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