A unforgettable collector's piece complete with akashic lines, gorgeous etched glyphs  + internal Crystalline Phantoms captured within the Crystal lattice . 

Natural Raw Citrine Lightbrary w. internal Crystal Phantoms

  • By definition, everything that ever was, or will be, is resigned to the realm of Creative Potential.  It is through the manifestation channel that thought becomes form + natural Citrine works to aid + assist this pathway by clearing, strengthening + godspeeding all that passes through it. Citrine’s true power lies in its ability to align with the mind, clearing psychic debris + purifying the thought state.  Certainly, this is Citrine’s dominion, a stone that resonates so vibrantly with the creative genius that it is considered the gate master of this coveted domain.   The All seeing Eye of potential is true Citrine + the road to creative industry is also paved with this stone.  When we deconstruct the brain child we find Citrine at the Heart,  the very nucleus from which the vein of imagination effortlessly, + endlessly flows. 


    Lightbrary or Cathedral Quartz is like the High Priest or the tarot trumped Hierophant, brimming with structured wisdom + serving as the bridge between Divine Knowledge + the Earth manifest.    Cathedral Quartz represents the collective, the community + holdsfast to the notion that many hands make 'light' work.  The sculpted turrets signify cooperative growth + exponential collaboration, making this an excellent piece for methodised group work + those seeking a 'framed' outcome.  There is a real idealism to Cathedral Quartz + an energetic ringtone that encompasses true morality + the notion of 'what is right'  in regard to the pure Divine.


    Akashic Lines are used for accessing Akashic compendium. The Soul’s bird's eye view of all your experiences resides in the 5th Dimension a place void of 3D limitations + perhaps most importantly the Ego.   Your body’s Energetic Meridians or Chakras are imperative to accessing the compendium.  The lessons of each lifetime are stored in the Chakras.  When you were born, a plethora of lessons, information pertaining to these lessons + life path reckonings entered the body via the Crown to be organized in your corresponding Energy Centres.


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