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A luscious Manifestation Quartz with layers of Chlorite + lashings of silver Rutile. 

Manifestation Quartz w. White Chlorite Phantoms + Silver Rutile

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    • soul retrieval 
    • earth wisdom
    • connectivity




    White Phantom Quartz is the archival sStone, a carrier of ancient energy systems + a tangible reminder of the intensive time it took to form.  


    White Phantom Quartz possesses an inherent memorative function + when used during meditation can confidently access the akashic compendium.  Esoteric knowledge is a branch of knowing available to us all + the morphogenic field is an extension of the electrical systems that control our brain waves + extending up to 6 feet around our body is akin to an aura. 

    We can employ the White Phantom to identify imbalances in this field + by doing so we achieve a state of mind + body that feels revived + rejuvenated + restored.   Phantom Quartz accesses what resides within + moderates concealed aspects of the trueself.  It is with the use of this stone the shadowself is balanced + equilibrium restored.  It is a remedy for dissolving creative blockages, especially those that have been caused by imbalances within the psyche. 


    The shadowself contains all that has been denied, repressed, unaccepted + pushed aside.   It is the dark cache of the psyche + composed of dulled instincts, impulses, desires + fears.  It exists as a record of not only this lifetime but as a karmic blueprint of our soul’s past.   The shadowself consists of aspects that both the individual + collective society have shunned + that which appears to not work in accordance with the norm - in short it is the undesirable parts of ourself we have hidden + labelled in shame.   Conscious use of White Phantom Quartz liberates the shadow with an abundance of love + self acceptance. Its tangible presence represents the highest evolution of the true self, as transmuted through love + light.  

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