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Glinty peach, lilac + silver Lodolite. 

Lodolite Quartz

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    • regeneration

    • earth devahs

    • creativity

    •  inspired action







    Deeply attuned to the Earth's heartbeat, Lodolite connects us with the nature realm, the plant kingdom + the pantheon of green spirits that dwell throughout.  For those suffering from excessive, ungrounded energy,  Lodolite will enable you to 'plant' unharnessed energy + emotion into the Earth so that they are safely assimilated + blended with the Earth's kinetic plethora.   


    Meditating with Lodolite raises Earth awareness + brings us closer to understanding the earth's soul as intertwined, symbiotic + inseparable from our own.    Just as you received your mother's loving arms, her mother's way with words + your father's optimistic eye, you inherit the mountains, the rivers + the trees. 


    Lodolite's medicine is a conscious one.  It says : the Earth's vitality is your life force + your energetic dynamo is the zest of the Earth.   Lodolite believes we did not just inherit the Earth, we are the Earth - an essential extension + a vital counterpart.




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