A sleek little Sphere w. delightful Silver Mica flashes throughout. 

Lepidolite + Black Tourmaline

  • Lepidolite is ore lithium or pull-you-back-from-the-brink stone. It weaves the deep understanding that there is no true suffering or disadvantage, only perspective.  It can meticulously balance the ability to give + to gain, sensing when it is time to forge ahead + to be still.  Its message is this: accept transience, the inevitable + the irrevocable, + know that change exists in everything + this is not a cause for resistance but an opportunity to be still + receive. Lepidolite brings a deep Zen to those who hold this stone. It transmutes stress, grief + releases other traumatic emotional frequencies. Fantastic to unwind with before bed, it also has a particularly water-friendly way of disseminating its calming energies + works well when placed in a warm bath.

    Negativity is necessary, for in a balanced life there can be no light without dark. In healthy doses negativity is an indicator, it shows up in the areas of our lives that need work + attention, it is a reductive agent + through self-refinement can make us stronger, more aware + ultimately grateful for the Light but in heavier doses negativity can accumulate causing dangerous levels of toxicity which can smudge the boundaries + perspective is lost. Black Tourmaline is an astute purification Stone + transmutation Stone, it converts dark etheric matter back into Pure White  + brings Light back to the four corners. 


Wellington,  Aotearoa


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