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Glinty with gorgeous varigated pigmentation.  


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    • soul retrieval
    • joy
    • empathy






    Lepidochrocite assists in soul retrieval. This is not to say that the soul ever leaves us but that chronic upset + bouts of acute agony can cause soul separation.  We throw up walls + leave parts of ourselves behind as coping mechanisms + a type of autopilot self emerges intent on survival + little else.  Whilst this may be necessary for the satisfactory navigation of our day to day, over time it devours joy, happiness dissipates + a plethora of  ‘depressive + repressive’ conditions take hold.  Emotional diversity means we all register trauma differently, ones person’s delight could equate another person’s pain. 


    Lepidochrocite aligns our astral, causal + subtle etheric bodies. It repairs auric discrepancies + realigns our energetic meridians. It brings back forgotten soul fragments + puts us in touch with our latent innocence, but not in a way that we are vulnerable, naive or able to be taken advantage of. It restores the innate strength of newborn eyes + unconditional love, allowing us to see the wounds of others + facilitate deep empathy.

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