A delightful laser with deep barcode striations + a raw, rough cut base. 

Lemurian Laser Quartz w. Key Inclusions

  • The Ancient + fabled Civilization of Lemuria was thought to have sunk below the Southern Pacific Ocean many millennia ago.  Existing prior to + during that of Atlantis, the lost lands of Lemuria were geographically part of the Ring of Fire - a girdle of Volcanoes in the basin of the Pacific Ocean.    One theory suggests a cataclysmic pole shift  - rapid movement in the geographic locations of the Earth’s poles + an irreconcilable tilt in the Earth’s axis which created devastating calamities + topographically altering tectonic events. 


    What remains today, is the Volcanic Mountain tops of Polynesia + the Lemurian Seed Crystals - a distinctive Quartz originally located in the Diamantina region of Brazil + coded + encrypted by the Lemurian folk consciousness. 


    Depicted as the original Garden of Eden, the Lemurian people had a unparalleled purity of thought.  Their advanced Spiritual Consciousness, expression + Utopian sense of Love + regard for all living things was programmed into the Crystals during their exile.   Embodying the soft + loving energies of the Angelic + Cosmic Realm, Lemurian Crystals have an Ultra-Awareness about them + select their 'Guardians' with full intention.


    If a piece is calling you, welcome it with Gratitude, this will ensure you forge a strong Heart Bond with the Lemurian Consciousness. 

    When first handling Lemurian it is not unusual to be overcome with emotion - this Crystal is extremely effective at dissolving blockages in the Meridians.  


    Visions will come through heightened Awareness + dreamscapes.  Cleanse + clear your Lemurian often + treat it as a Honoured Being.  


  • 90 x 20mm 


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