Lemurian DT w. Manifestation Crystal

  • The Manifestation aspect of this Lemurian signifies Divine Cosmic

    Creation + the infinite well of Inspiration that dwells within.

    It is an important inclusion for those suffering from prolonged

    Energetic + Creative blockages, helping to dispel stagnation in the areas

    of one’s existence where it is deeply desired that thought + intention

    manifest into physical form. From artistic pursuits to child conception,

    the presence of a Crystalline Manifestation aligns us with the very

    essence of our Human experience + is an extremely useful tool for

    actualising very specified intentions.

    Simultaneously drawing down + raising up focused intentions,

    the Double Terminate formation acts as a bridge between desired +

    actual states of mind + being. It is a vital + powerful tool for directing

    Energy in an ‘as above + so below’ type application - a premise that

    states a direct + enduring correspondence between the Macro +


    It serves as a symbolic nod to inner + outer balance, the symmetrical

    mirroring of thought + form + the dual application of Magical Energies

    that are distinguishable + yet akin to yin + yan, are therefore ultimately



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