The Ancient + fabled Civilization of Lemuria was thought to have sunk below the Southern Pacific Ocean many millennia ago.  Existing prior to + during that of Atlantis, the lost lands of Lemuria were geographically part of the Ring of Fire - a girdle of Volcanoes in the basin of the Pacific Ocean.    One theory suggests a cataclysmic pole shift  - rapid movement in the geographic locations of the Earth’s poles + an irreconcilable tilt in the Earth’s axis which created devastating calamities + topographically altering tectonic events. 

    What remains today, is the Volcanic Mountain tops of Polynesia + the Lemurian Seed Crystals - a distinctive Quartz originally located in the Diamantina region of Brazil + coded + encrypted by the Lemurian folk consciousness. Lemurian Crystals are the Record Keepers of Ancient Lemuria + Crystallore states that they are planted in a grid pattern over the surface of the Earth + beyond, to the stars.


    Lemurian Crystals are considered Master Crystals, like the patient + truly adept teachers of the Crystal world they promote unity, symbolic ‘oneness’ +  bring the helpful embrace of recognising one’s individuality. 


    Depicted as the original Garden of Eden, the Lemurian people had a unparalleled purity of thought.  Their advanced Spiritual Consciousness, expression + Utopian sense of Love + regard for all living things was programmed into the Crystals during their exile.   Embodying the soft + loving energies of the Angelic + Cosmic Realm, Lemurian Crystals have an Ultra-Awareness about them + select their 'Guardians' with full intention.   If a piece is calling you, welcome it with Gratitude, this will ensure you forge a strong Heart Bond with the Lemurian Consciousness. 


    When first handling Lemurian it is not unusual to be overcome with emotion, as this Crystal is extremely effective at dissolving blockages in the Meridians.  

    Visions will come through heightened Awareness + dreamscapes.  Cleanse + clear your Lemurian often + treat it as a Honoured Being.  



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