• Caribbean Larimar is a tranquil ally bringing a deep inner peace to those who seek its council.   It is an indispensable pocketstone for those suffering from environmental anxiety, excessive anger + impulsive emotions.  Stress-related imbalances + emotional fixations can all be eased with the use of Larimar.  A Stone of truth + tranquillity, it aligns, cleanses + purifies the Throat Chakra invoking the remarkable power of clear communication + honesty that flows from a pure Heart. 

    Larimar carries an Oceanic depth + the power of weathered Storms.  It's is a Stone of experience + overcoming, strength + uncompromised purity.

    Conjurer of water deities + the Feminine Divine,  Larimar connects us to our nurturing, receptive + intuitive natures.  It helps forge the mother/child bond + is very powerful when implemented into rebirthing rituals.  

    This stone can be used to access previous incarnations + when synched with Lemurian Quartz, Larimar is a deep delver into the myths of sacred Lemuria. 

    Smoky Quartz is adept at clearing negative patterns + recieving Light Energy.

    When the bio-magnetic sheath is interupted + the Aura imbalanced, blocked or disturbed our Energy sheild is compromised + we become deeply symptomatic. 

    This can range from physical illness to anxiety,  sleep disorders may arise + our emotional health suffers.  Some liken it to a sensation of stagnation, our lifeforce falters + Spiritual growth is halted.


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