A perfect pocket-sized piece or to display in a mixed Crystal arrangement or gridding. 

Honey Calcite

  • Honey Calcite brings a calm, expansive energy akin to a gently undulating body of water or a gentle breeze that carries over wide-open spaces.  
    It is an excellent stone for soothing social anxieties, alleviating stomach problems + is an all-round healing stone especially when the body has become over-acidic + is veering toward chronic illness.  
    Honey Calcite pulls the body back from an impending crisis and enlivens the Solar Plexus.   

    Calcite's energetic repertoire is vibrant + multi-faceted.  It is capable of healing en mass + this gifted lightworker knows no limitations - perceived distance is but a glitch in the time-space continuum. 
    Yellow Ray Calcite is a Solar Plexus affiliate,  bringing self-worth + lifting spirits.  Great for personal use it is also particularly useful guided meditation + aiding others.    

    A gifted + multi-directional energetic amplifier,  the energy of Calcite purges + clears  ALL negative patterns.   A deeply restorative crystal,  it alleviates bone conditions + is useful for combatting viral infections.  


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