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A close relative of Girasol Rose Quartz, this high grade Hematoid Yoni features a mesmerising patina with a touch of Tangerine inclusion.  

There is a deeply regenerative, life affirming + transformational energy to this particular stone.  

Hematoid + Tangerine Quartz

  • align   •   amplify  •  manifest   •   heal



    Included within luminous milky Quartz  is the fire inclusion, made up of Hematite, a superbly grounding + motivational stone.  It has an intense rousing action on the Root Chakra, boosting willpower + promoting resilience.  


    Fire Quartz is an important Crystal for transmuting listless negativity into the optimistic mind state that produces life-changing results.  As it grounds, it protects, making us far less susceptible to the negativity of others.   It also imparts the important gift of self-realisation, placing us in the driving seat of cultivating conscious responses to unconscious emotions + teaches us to understand the difference in implications between knee jerks reactions + deeply considered actions.



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