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Heliotrope Bloodstone is a type of cryptocrystalline Quartz featuring green Chalcedony + hematite rich Jasper.    This piece has a stunning painterly effect.  Isn't Nature incredible.  

Heliotrope Bloodstone

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  • activate   •   replenish  •   protect   •   determination  




    Heliotrope Bloodstone is a stone of strength + fortitude.  It replenishes depleted energetic systems + reinforces the four pillars (emotional, spiritual, mental + physical) for the long road ahead.  


    Heliotrope forges new pathways in areas that were once closed due to stagnation + inactivity + imparts a strong sense of resilience + determination.  This is an important stone to have when the task at hand feels daunting.


    Heliotrope Bloodstone activates + protects from the ground up.    


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