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Lose yourself in the calm. 

Grey Lithium Phantom Quartz

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    • inner peace
    • harmony
    • reiki







    Lithium is used to enhance + deepen the meditative experience, strengthening inner visions + unfurling emotional responsiveness.

    Lithium Quartz facilitates an immediate + often powerful wave of relaxation whilst gently stimulating the third eye, as it synchs with the heart chakra, euphoria is the coveted state of mind that often follows.  

    An intensely harmonising stone, Lithium is ideal for reiki + body grids, it strengthens the client/practitioner bond + it is a perfect bedtime crystal for over-stimulated adults + children.

    Reducing the frequency + duration of panic attacks + diminishing anxiety disorders, Lithium is the perfect pocket stone.  It can be placed around plants + in the garden to stimulate growth + encourage beneficial green spirits.   

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