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This high vibe Starbrary Quartz has a stunning luminosity + vibrant etchings.

Golden Starbrary Quartz Cluster

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    Crystallore states that this unique type of Quartz with its etched surface has been coded in symbols + glyphs + carries with it the language of Ancient Starbeings + that when the Starbrary’s have been thoroughly dispersed to all corners of the globe, they will create a grid and ‘awaken’ mankind, blanketing the planet in radiant light.  


    My intuition tells a slightly different story. I believe these special crystals, along with Lemurians, are beacons. When we connect with a Lemurian or Starbrary’s Energy it identifies us as a Lightworker, amplifying our ability to perform + assisting in the transmission of SacredLight.  


    Indeed, we are creating a human Lightgrid + it is our mission to share + spread this sanctified Energy by networking with other awakened souls. Within this grid, we are all connected - the ultimate Cosmic entanglement that has captured us all + we like to call it our ‘tribe’, our “crystal community.”  The Starbrary is a reminder we are all connected, we are a part of an infinite web of Consciousness that transcends our planet, + our mission is to be the light, to illuminate even the darkest + most far-flung corners, boldly + with Love + complete Trust.

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