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Golden Lemurian Point

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    Lemurian Crystals are considered master crystals, like the patient + truly adept teachers of the crystal world they promote unity, symbolic ‘oneness’ + bring the helpful embrace of recognising one’s individuality.  Lemurian crystals are the record keepers of ancient Lemuria.  Crystallore states that they are planted in a grid pattern over the surface of the Earth + beyond, to the stars. 


    Tangerine Lemurian Quartz forms when there is a combination of Hematite + water in the cavity where the crystals grew. Over time, the water combined with the hematite permanently bonds to the surface of the crystals, imparting its stunning Orange ray. 


    Tangerine Lemurian crystals possess an extremely grounding + stabilising effect.  These Crystals are loyal allies + attune to their guardians, gently reminding when it is time to tune into oneself + always highlighting the next step in personal improvement.


    When first handling Lemurian it is not unusual to be overcome with emotion.  Lemurian Crystals are extremely effective at dissolving blockages in the meridians + this can be followed by a brief period of intense 'feeling'.   Allow yourself permission to move through your emotions + remember to ground afterwards.  


    When working with Lemurian Quartz, expect moments of epihany. Visions will come steadily through heightened awareness + enhanced dreamscapes. 


    Cleanse + charge your Lemurian as often as you can + treat it as a Honoured Being.   

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