Steeped in Mythology, the Sphere or Crystal Ball is a coveted divination tool, used to access the time portal + peer into the continuum.  Used in Ancient Lithomancy + Crystallomancy by Alchemists + Ceremonial Magicians, the present day practitioner implores them to reveal our inner wisdom + the myriad realm of personal potential. They provide a multi-faceted Energetic boost into your surrounding Environment + make excellent 'working' tools when used in conjunction with a double terminated Quartz point, also known as a DT. 

Simultaneously drawing down + raising up focused intentions, the Double Terminate (DT) formation acts as a bridge between desired + actual states of mind + being.  It is a vital + powerful tool for directing Energy in an ‘as above + so below’ type application - a premise that states a direct + enduring correspondence between the Macro + Microcosms, the Earth + its correspondence with the Divine Spiral.   




It serves as a symbolic nod to inner + outer balance, the symmetrical mirroring of thought + form + the dual application of Magical Energies that are distinguishable + yet akin to yin + yan, are therefore ultimately inseparable.  


Golden Healer Double Terminate w. Temple Heart + Sphere

  • Golden Healer Included Quartz exhibits a curious juxtaposition, by which it simultaneously soothes, calms + in turn uplifts + vitalises those enlist its help.  Commandeered by the power of the Sun, the Golden Healer is skilled at enlivening the Solar Plexus.  The energy is vitally solar invigorated + is the Crystal Kingdom equivalent of a healthy dose of Vitamin C. 

    Capable of cellular replenishment, Master Healer Golden Quartz accesses the Midas Ray, the Highest vibration of Healing Light. This multidimensional Medicine Stone brings new + improved cellular memory coding, sending High light cascading through the body, rebirthing damaged cells + assisting ailing immune responses.

    Considered the Big Picture stone, it understands what it means to truly move into the zone.  Hands cannot produce manifest form without the forces of intention + when inspired by the passion of desire + funded by the all-seeing force that is Creation, true Magic takes place.
    Golden Healer Quartz is that sparkle in your eye, spring in your step kind of Crystal, that can impart immense amounts of vitality + bring a renewed zest for life.  It is the rose-tinted lens through which life suddenly looks good again. 


    Signifying a Quantum Leap in consciousness, the Light Temple Heart once considered ‘extremely’ rare, are now emerging, defined by their unique 3, 7, 3, 7, 3, 7 faces or sides.  

    7 is the number of the Feminine Divine but when all facets are combined, the Light Temple Heart’s numerical structure is reduced to a single 3 + this is the Universal number that it most succinctly resonates with.  Three is the symbol of the Trinity.  The Triple Goddess; Mother, Father + Spirit;  Life, Death + Transformation;  Sun, Moon + Earth;  Past, Present & Future + is ultimately a number symbolising Creation.  

    3 resonates with our Highest personal + collective wisdom.  It is also the number of the luckchild.

  • Sphere : 45mm

    DT : 90 x 25mm


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