Gold Rutile Quartz w. Hematite Phantoms

  • Brings the kinetic surge to all it touches. Likemost Quartz it is programmable, responding well to direction + has an uncanny knack for knowing whether one’s purpose + or intentions are pure.  


    Rutile Quartz is a graceful stone, with a powerful knowing when it comes to masked intentions + true purpose.  Like the memorisation of music, Rutile Quartz carries the inner song of the Divine.  


    Hematite Phantoms bring power to those who seek it.  Buzzing with Energy + the willingness to receive, this stone alleviates stress + brings a sense of purpose to those who enlist its help.  A positive stone that symbolises the physical essence of life, it revitalises the Root Chakra + resonates with the Fire Elementals bringing a warm boosts of motivation.


Wellington,  Aotearoa


Phone: 022 0821064

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