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This dense metallic cluster features chunky high grade cubic Galena + finer druzy sprinkles with a touch of natural titanium peacock ore.   A stunning + important addition to the collection.  


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    • alchemy  
    • shamanism    
    • underworld  
    • safe passage 



    Galena signifies the first in a thousand steps + acts as an initiate for self-transformation.  Its vibration is one of the restless seeker who will not ‘settle’ until Enlightenment has been attained.  Akin to the alchemical process of lead metal into Gold symbolised with Gold Rutile, Galena is too, the seed that flourishes slowly but surely into Wisdom. 

    Sacred Galena is a face + embrace Stone, shedding Light deep into one's Shadowself.  As the virtues of temperance, tolerance + faith are cultivated, focus shifts from the less desirable aspects + Spirit healing occurs.  



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