Also known as Mystical Merlinite this weighty palmstone is from Madagascar + has lovely lilac irridescent flashes throughout.   

Indigo Gabbro

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  • Indigo Gabbro beckons like the only star in a pitch black sky, serving to unveil one's latent Great Wisdom + inner beauty by turning the gaze of one's self widdershin + thus allowing time-worn habits to dissolve.  


    Gabbro understands the Alchemy of anger, viewing it as a motivational + profusely transformative element.  Instead of reducing the matter-to-ash, from which nothing can be salvaged, Gabbro facilitates controlled 'fire' based emotions.  The kind that put that vital warm-stir in our belly + keep the fire breathing dragon in it’s cave.  When we become resistant to explosive anger, we have the opportunity to work with the refined gift of a simmering ember - realising that subtly + slow-burning are attributes that define the true art of transformation.  


    When we think one thing + say another or can't find the words to express our Highest Intentions, Gabbro is ready to assist.  Uniting the Third Eye + the Throat Chakra, Gabbro is a divinely influential stone that enables access to the Higher Realms, aligning our thoughts + allowing our words to mirror our intentions.  

  • 80 x 55mm 


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