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Raw Emerald captured on a grey calcite + graphitic shale matrix. 


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  • love   •   abundance  •   healing





    Emerald is a fertile water stone that holds close associations with the Goddess Venus.   Steeped in Ancient + Mythological tradition, Emeralds were a symbol of Eternal Life, held dear by the Egyptians. 

    Emerald is the purest emanation of the Green Ray + contains the

    imprint of the Heart's inherent vibration.   The Emerald Love vibe is capable of calling back old Lovers, to reacquaint + heal through the strength of newly found words + deeply genuine + amorous actions.


    Universal blessings are represented by this stone, a deeply prosperous entity that's fertility

    is by no means limited to physiology, but is rather symbolic of true

    abundance + the ability to receive the gifts of the Great Spirit.


    However, if  mental + emotional blocks preventing material wealth are present, Emerald will dissolve these thoughts of

    unworthiness, that oftentimes have been accumulated through a lifetime of scarcity.

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